Bespoke delivery service for all your parcels in Switzerland and abroad, for business and private customers.


Organise your removals in complete confidence with TES TRANSPORTS SA.

Bespoke storage solutions

700 m2 of warehousing for fully secure storage of your goods.


TES Transports SA - Storage - Crissier - Vaud

TES TRANSPORTS SA has 700 m2 of warehousing available for the fully secure storage of your merchandise

TES TRANSPORTS SA is not only a bespoke delivery and removals service, but also provides 100% safe storage solutions.

Ours sites are fully equipped for the warehousing of your parcels, pallets, furniture items, machinery or exhibition equipment. You can call on our services as a business but also as a private customer.

Our excellent warehousing environment and packaging conditions enable us to guarantee you the totally safe storage of your merchandise. They are protected from the weather and changes in temperature, as well as from the risk of theft or damage.

We offer storage solutions tailored to the needs of the individual. That way you'll take advantage of the most appropriate price according to the duration of storage, the packaging requirements and the value of the merchandise.

Contact us without obligation for a quote on our storage solutions!

TES Transport SA - Crissier - Vaud

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